Innovative Material Mainly Made of Limestone


There are 4 (four) main reasons that lead us to believe that LIMEX is unrivaled for the time being. Those reasons are :

(1) Eco-friendly Material. LIMEX = limestone/CaCO3 (51%-80%) + PP (20%-49%).

(2) Mainly made out of ubiquitous material. Limestone is the lowest critical raw materials analyzed by EU commission. There is no exact deposit data of limestone in EU. EU produces 21% of CaCO3 (limestone) in the world. Limestone deposit it self : India (7.7 billion tons), Japan (2.4 billion tons), Taiwan (30 billion tons), China (10 billion tons) and Korea (4 billion tons).

(3) Circular Economy. LIMEX is recyclable material that can be processed in the same stream as PP under certain condition (optical sorting). In Japan, TBM has started to construct the biggest recycling plant that will utilize it to collect and process Limex and other plastic materials.

(4) Less Carbon Emission. Limestone is acquired through mining process which is far less impact on the carbon emission than acquiring Petroleum Based Materials.

Do you know the advantage of limex?

  1. Based on the datasheet, showing LIMEX contains more than 50% limestone.
  2. By REACH Standard it is not considered a Polymer.
  3. LIMEX needs less petroleum-based materials.
  4. LIMEX price is more stable because it relies more on CaCO3 pricing than petroleum pricing.
  5. LIMEX are producing with less GHG
  6. LIMEX is recyclable (LIMEX sheets can be upcycled into LIMEX Injection Pellets)

Therefore, LIMEX is considered one of the most eco-friendly materials in compare to petroleum based material.

LIMEX As Plastic Alternatives

LIMEX are reduce resin usage drastically. From mostly 100% petroleum based resin on the conventional plastic applications, LIMEX application and Bio-LIMEX Application are half (50%)

Reduce Resin Usage Drastically

LIMEX are reduce CO2 Emissions. Check these data tabular comparing between PP, PE and CaCO3 Filler (Limestone). As the following data we could see CO2 are so much reduces by using LIMEX materials.

Reduce CO2 Emission

LIMEX As Paper Alternatives

LIMEX save water and tree so much. For the comparation (see the following image) for 1 box (contains 100 cards) of LIMEX Business Card will reduce 10 liter of water.

Reduce CO2 Emission

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